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1.) LET'S CLEAR THE LISTS-- What EVERYONE needs to know:

Please start here:



  • Click on an Amazon Wish list link and help where you are able! bit.ly/HELPclearthelist
  • Share the spreadsheet with friends, family, neighbors who want to help support classrooms!


Please, please, PLEASE--if you have already added your list to the spreadsheet, WE NEED YOUR HELP by promoting so that we get more eyes on the post, and more people funding.

Visit the blog post below, grab images, and share, share share!

USE THESE IMAGES (or use your own!) and LINK TO: https://teachmama.com/help-teachers-clear-the-list/

Sample captions for Instagram, Twitter, Threads, Pinterest, or Facebook:

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It's #BacktoSchool which means that #educators everywhere are scrambling to get their classrooms ready. THEY NEED HELP, and that's where YOU come in! Learn more here: bit.ly/HELPclearthelist

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[tag all of your educator friends!]

HEY, #TEACHER friends! Do you have an #AmazonWishList for your classroom? Share it here: bit.ly/tmmclearthelist Let's work together to #ClearTheList !!

2.) Why Are So Many Kids Anxious and How Can Parents Help?

On May 31, 2023, four leading mental health experts shared proven parenting techniques for supporting anxious children. The session also included a live Q&A, and advice on fostering resilience in anxious children.

I found some of the info here in this video to be helpful--perhaps you will, too.

What you should check out:

  • About anxiety disorders
  • Heritability of anxiety
  • How to normalize feelings
  • Parent coaching

View the video: Fort Health Anxiety Video

Let me know what you think--please share other, better resources with me!

3.) What Every Parent of an 18-year-old MUST-DO Now

Honestly, I had NO IDEA that I needed to do this when my daughter turned 18.

So I really want to make it my goal to share this info with others --especially those who are walking through this the first time.


  • Once a child hits age 18, he or she is legally considered an adult, and as a result, all medical records become private. This poses a major issue if a son or daughter winds up in a hospital seriously ill or injured. - Cathy Cunningham, Pioneer Press

  • Let’s say that your daughter, an 18-year-old freshman at a college on the opposite end of the country, is unconscious in the hospital following an accident. If she has signed a Healthcare Power of Attorney naming you as her “medical agent,” you will have the ability to view her medical records and make informed medical decisions on her behalf. - Ben Leondart, National Law Review

  • You, as a parent, have no more right to obtain medical information on your legal-age son or daughter than you would to obtain information about a stranger on the street. - Jane F. Wolk, Attorney for Consumer Reports

  • A lot of things change when a child turns 18. But one of the biggest is also one of the most surprising to a lot of parents: Once children turn 18, parents can no longer make legal decisions for them or receive information about them that is considered private, unless they have the children’s permission. - Cheryl Winokur Munk, Wall Street Journal

So when I heard about Mama Bear Legal forms and how they cover it all for you I felt SO MUCH RELIEF. They have state-specific documents and an app that stores the information for you right on your phone.

I want to get my Legal Forms started!

For $79 you get:

  1. Health Power of Attorney Documents
  2. Finance Power of Attorney Documents
  3. Includes HIPAA release & FERPA
  4. Free App for Scanning & Storing FormsYoung Adult Powers of Attorney for just $79

And if you use code TEACHMAMA at checkout, you will get 20% off!


4.) Outschool.org Community Partner Grant Program

Friends, there is SO. MUCH. MONEY. out there for our classrooms.

Really and truly.

And it's my goal to make this money easy for you to get--and use!--even this year.

Outschool.org is looking for at least eight organizations (“community partners”) aiming to close academic achievement and/or enrichment gaps for BIPOC and economically marginalized learners for our third cohort of community partners, sponsored by Walton Family Foundation.

They co-design programs with community organizations and offer funding for program support, education design expertise, family navigation tools and programming, training, and access to technology resources.

Application Deadline: OPEN NOW. Closes 8/1/23

Learn more --> Outschool.org Community Partner Grant Program


5.) Take 5 FREEBIE: Get-To-Know-You Candy Game ICEBREAKER

My husband just started at a new school last year, and he was looking for a fun, quick (safe!) way to get to know some of his colleagues before a Core Team meeting.

We talked about doing something with M & M's or Skittles, but the idea of everyone grabbing candy from the same bowl just kinda . . . left us feeling . . . meh.

So I made my own version of the famous "colored candy" game, but this time we're using individually wrapped LifeSavers!

One page has kind of more personal questions about interests and life and the other page is more teaching-related. The idea is that folks grab a candy from a mug or bowl (without looking!) and then choose EITHER side of the page to answer.

If you use it, please let me know--or take a photo and share!

Print your copies of the game here --> Get-To-Know-You Candy IceBreaker Game

Check out other fun things in the teach mama shop!

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