NO JOKE: crocs, birks, and nike on MAJOR SALE and will ship in time for holidays!

published9 months ago
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NEHey, Reader!

There is STILL TIME to shop for the holidays! In fact, whenever you see the little [šŸš€] or [šŸŽ], it's a sign that those Zulily products will get to your doorstep in time for Christmas!

AND remember, you get FREE SHIPPING on all Zulily when orders are $89+.

Here are 3 SUPERSTAR shoe brands that are loved -- from kids to adults!--and all three are on sale now!

1) Crocs for the WHOLE Fam

No matter HOW you feel about them, Crocs are here--and they're here to stay!

I outfitted Maddy, Owen, and Cora in Crocs from the time they could walk, and they wore them consistently through elementary school. Now that they're in high school and beyond, they're BACK to wearing Crocs! Actually, EVERYONE's wearing Crocs now!



2) Everyone LOVES Birkenstocksā€‹

Nearly every style is featured on this sale, and the prices are crazy.

Clogs, buckle straps, suede, leather, and more--every Birkenstock fan can find a fave here!



3) Nike at over 50% off!

Shoes, joggers, hoodies, slides, and more--this Nike sale is not to be believed!

The styles of tennis shoes they're offering rival some of the more popular sites, and even my teens were able to find styles that they hoped would be under the tree this year!


Reply to let me know if you decide to go for any of these gifts!

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